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Sep 28, 2012 4:00pm EDT
to see dividend taxes go much higher because of that fiscal cliff? >> so we're proponents of dividend payers, but there's a qualification. it's dividend growth companies, not high-dividend yield companies, not your highest payout companies. it's intentionally the companies that are able to generate a sustained and regular growth of that dividend throughout time. it's high-quality equities we want to focus on. >> all right. we'll keep watching. thanks, gentlemen. we appreciate your time tonight. as we've been telling you, the third quarter is now in the books. who led the way? who is picking up the rear? jackie deangelis is here with the stat check. >> hey, maria. look at the heat map behind me. don't be fooled by it. it's been a pretty good quarter for stocks. the dow is up more than 4%. the nasdaq higher by more than 6%. the s&p 500 up just under 6%. speaking of the s&p, of the ten large cap sectors, nine were higher by 3% or many this quarter with energy leading the way followed by tech, consumer discretionary and financials. some of the risk on you could see in those groups. with t
Sep 27, 2012 4:00pm EDT
with a growth story, move into dividend paying stocks. >> do you change that scenario if dividend taxes go to 43%? >> that's a great question. >> part of the fiscal cliff. >> yeah, but historically, don't forget, dividends have been taxed at ordinary income rates. it's really only an anomaly recently that we've had a differential and tax advantage treatment of dividends. we don't think that even if the worst case happens, which we don't expect, dividends stocks are going to trade off in a fiscal cliff scenario. >> all right. we'll leave it there. gentlemen, thank you very much. great to talk with you all. see you soon. thanks, guys. let's go straight to washington. we have some headlines from the treasury secretary. >> that's right. timothy geithner and the newly created financial stability oversight council flexes their muscles now in a letter. geithner saying the sec failed to act on money market fund industry reform last month. the sec was tied up. geithner now writing this letter to members of the fsoc urging them to take action on money market funds. he says, further reform to the money mar
Sep 26, 2012 4:00pm EDT
details, but it means more tax hikes, more budget cuts, more cuts to social spending, cuts we expect in some form or fashion to people's pensions. they're clearly angry. last night it got extremely violent. this morning in athens, also extremely violent for the same reasons. >> david kelly, how closely are you focused on this in terms of putting money to work? how important is this in terms of the investor class? >> i think it is important as you allocate money around the world. it's one of the reasons i would still be under with europe right now. european governments are not dealing with their economic problem. it's so frustrating to watch the ecb do everything right in terms of protecting the banks and the sovereign bond market and watch the politicians fail to do what's necessary to get these economies to grow. you have to stabilize the patient before you try and fission their long-term problems. the politicians don't do this. that means europe stays in a recession. for u.s. investors, i think it is still something of a side show. >> something of a side show. until they either com
Sep 25, 2012 4:00pm EDT
're going to see the bush tax cuts roll off, we're talking about dividends going up significantly. right now you cannot get any yield. everyone is chasing yield. you can't get it from the united states government. they'll pay you nothing. people are going say, wait a minute, now i have to pay 36% and i have risk in the marketplace. these are a lot of big issues. >> i know you meant governor romney. >> let me apologize. >> do you think we go to the election and are in standstill mode until then? once we get the clarity of who's in the white house, what's your expectation? >> i do. i don't anticipate a lot. i know people are talking about that we'll see more in the early parts of november because of the different things with the defense department and where they're going to be at as far as cuts go. we'll get an indication what's going to happen. i think we'll have to wait until the election is over and done with and we'll get clarity for the future of the markets. >> i really like the fact you're looking at this whole dividend issue. we've been talking about the fiscal cliff a lot on this prog
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm EDT
taxes on wealthy citizens. germany could be next. thousands of people across germany turning out in force this weekend. pushing for new taxes on wealth and financial transactions. demonstrators demanding a fair redistribution of wealth to combat a widening income gap. despite those protests in germany, european markets were higher today. but markets here in the u.s., well, they couldn't hold on to the bigger gains. although 70 points, bob pisani, not a bad return for day one of the forth quarter. >> yeah, i thought it was okay. the reason for the rally, folks, the new orders component of the ism, first data we get on september, was better than expected in growth territory. i thought that was good, modest rally. we were up much, much more earlier on. take a look at the dow jones industrial average. mr. bernanke came on, gave an interesting press conference, didn't say anything new bullet sort of sold into him as he came on and never really regained the earlier leads we had in the day. a couple of on observations, mar maria. the major sectors, the dow was up but well off the highs
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5